1.1 不足5周歲的兒童單獨乘機;

1.2 12周歲以下的病殘兒童單獨乘機bb视讯直营官网;

1.3 在非天津航空或者天津航空未授權的售票處出票的旅客bb视讯直营官网;

1.4 對于天津航空中轉航班或天津航空與其他航空公司的聯程航班;

1.5 天津航空為市場方的代碼共享航班;

1.6 國內bb视讯直营官网、國際串飛航班bb视讯直营官网;

1.7 國際經停航班bb视讯直营官网。







If your child is taking Tianjin Airlines flight alone, we will endeavor to give your child a trip full of joy and surprises, making him/her feel not lonely at all. Please read the following important information.

1 Refusal of transportation

1.1 Minors under the age of 5 taking the flight alone.

1.2 Disabled minors under the age of 12 taking the flight alone.

1.3 Passengers travelling with tickets not issued at the ticket offices of Tianjin Airlines or its authorized ticket offices.

1.4 No unaccompanied child transport will be accepted for TJA transit flights or connecting flights between TJA and other airlines.

1.5 TJA is the market side of code-sharing flights.

1.6 Domestic and international string of flight.

1.7 International over-stop flights

2 As the number of reservations is limited, please apply for unaccompanied children service when you book your flight. Fill out the Unaccompanied Children Form. Applications shall be submitted at least 30 minutes before the scheduled close time of the domestic flight; International flights should apply at least 48 hours before departure. All application should by calling Tianjin Airlines Ticket Center, , or at check-in counter.

3 Your child must carry valid identification and travel documents, including passport (or ID card, Household Register Certificate), flight ticket, and Service Form for Unaccompanied Children. You are recommended to stay with your child until the plane takes off.

4 On international and regional routes, no accompanied children have no child discounts for ticket purchases and are charged at the adult sales price. If you purchase an international ticket, you must fully understand the country of entry, exit, transit information, applicable regulations and other important travel information of the country of travel before purchasing the ticket. Make sure to travel with all valid travel documents (passports, visas, relevant certificates, etc.) and comply with the entry, exit or other regulatory requirements of the country of travel.

5 Under special circumstances, we can provide our unaccompanied child service to 12-15 years old child. This service is free in on domestic flights, but a fee is charged on international or regional flights. International and regional flights are charged per person per paragraph in 500 RMB or other equivalent currency.


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